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I’ve always believed that enthusiastic recommendations from happy customers are the best form of advertising.

That has never been more true than today when most travelers check guest reviews before making a hotel decision. 


Adele Gutman has been honored as one of the

Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing by the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International for achieving exceptional results, driving revenue through

Guest Experience and Reputation Cultivation. 

 During her tenure as Vice President of the Library Hotel Collection, the brand astonished the hotel industry by repeatedly earning the
#1 highest guest satisfaction rating of any luxury hotel brand in the world, receiving a 96.1% GRI (Global Review Index-by ReviewPro) on the Luxury Brand Report, a survey of 2.7 million annual online reviews.

Now, Adele is looking forward to helping more hoteliers implement the award-winning system she developed over decades. You don't need to be a 5-Star Hotel to deliver a 5-Star guest experience and inspire 5- Star Reviews. 

With the right coaching, hotels of any price point, and class can learn how to inspire team performance and 5-Star reviews!


Henry Kallan -Founder
Library Hotel Collection

"When most hoteliers were running scared of the power of hotel reviews, Adele was quick to recognize the powerful marketing impact that hotels could enjoy by outshining the competition. Listening to guests and making everyone feel special has been the most cost-effective and powerful form of advertising for our brand. Working with Adele was a great experience and I highly recommend her to any hotelier looking to stand out from the competition." 

Ben Hanley -Founder
Three and Six Agency

“Adele is, without compare, the single most useful resource a hotelier could have when considering upgrading their hotel's reputation. Her accomplishments with The Library Collection are famous and should stand as sufficient testimonial to her comprehensive abilities. Adele has the inimitable ability to capture her listeners’ attention with her palatable passion for many topics and the crystal-clear way in which she conveys ideas, thoughts and opinions. 

Kimberly Watson Director of
Sales, Marketing, and Revenue
Library Hotel Collection

 "Everything we do in Sales, Marketing, and Revenue is amplified by having all of our hotels rank on top on Hotel Review sites and OTAs. Our ADR often surpasses our comp set by up to $150 a night; traffic to our website is increased; conversions are increased, and our ROI on ad spend is enviable. As a hotelier, if you want to optimize revenue, you can't afford not to focus on Guest Experience and Reviews.  Adele has the talent to help any hotel reach their full potential."

No one aspires to

spend each day
of their


doing average things
and achieving average results. 

We have a great team,

so why do we settle for ordinary?

As long as we must work, let's have some fun with it!

Let's enjoy life, and find ways to be great,
to make travelers happy,
and to achieve results

 beyond our dreams!

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